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Seeing Africa Through New Eyes – My Trip to St.Martin’s Kenya

I arrived in Nairobi on September 16th with an open mind and a hope that I could help and advise the organisations, schools and people I was about to meet in any way possible. Little did I know that I would learn so much from this experience myself and how much it would lift a veil on both the issues facing people across Africa, and the myriad of ways that I can support – sometimes the smallest actions can have such a profound impact. Salesforce and Salesforce.org have been supporting St.Martin’s School in Kenya for many years and I too have become involved in these programs as a student sponsor and also in other programs supported by Salesforce.org and Salesforce volunteers, like Camara, Sa

About Kibigare

The slum is the home of the pupils in St. Martin‘s Kibagare Primary School. In this slum there is vicious cycle of poverty. The people who live here most of them are not employed, some of them are alcoholics, drug addicts, commercial sex workers, young girls get early pregnancies, some of them are infected with HIV, some have died leaving orphans with child headed families and with grandparents. Some people are idle and some end up by becoming criminals. Some work as casual labourers while others do small scale businesses whereby they earn very little money. From June this year a small project called Nilinde Nijinjenge was rolled out to empower the households on how to manage small scale bu

Christmas Greetings and New Year blessings from Kibigare Good News Centre

We wish to thank you all our donors because through your support we have seen ourselves come to the end of this year. This Newsletter includes updates on: Sponsorship Program The sponsorship programme has become of great help to many poor and broken families. In this issue the story of Patrick Muturi – a Form 2 sponsored student Feeding Program In the centre, some 700 pupils are fed from Monday to Friday and 1700-1800 children fed on Saturdays continue looking upon us. Ww constantly struggle to find enough food for all. Our mentor mothers Meet Ruth Karugari a mentor mother with the 5 children she takes care of. Our mentor mother help ensure our children are fed and clothed properly. Our

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