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Poetry Corner

This comprises of captivating poems compiled and composed by Flavia Machoka, Janet Mbuga, Dera Cham. (Group three) THE THE GIRL BEHIND THE MASK She sat at her favorite spot Who knew she had the same thought, Her favorite pen and paper at hand, Her extraordinary brain at work Her favorite tools set the pace for her work "I am your friend to the moon and back" The words that gave her much pain Her heart that was of black blood She poured on the pages of her work Her favorite tools set the pace for her work Shy betrayed and unnoticed Her tools knew the climax of her imagination just like the asylum walls knew the secrets of the "depressed" No one knew the knife had been turned By the same peopl

Machakos Trade Fair

Annual trade fair attended by the form 3 students held on 29th June 2018 ,in Machakos .The picture above shows a high breed beef bull weighing approximately 15000kgs.A wonder that shocked many and left the judges relese their scores even before judging other contestants.Due to this insident, most agriculture students got a closer view on how the animal was fed.The group 2 members helped in compiling this and they include;Faith ,Rebecca,Sharon ,Linda, Susan,Dalvine,Rose and Lydia. A trade fair is an event that involves technical subjects that is ; Business studies and Agriculture. The main aim of attending the trade fair was to break the class monotony and to learn new ideas from sales perso

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