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Congratulations Modester Ngema

Congratulations Modester Ngema, recipient of our first Milano scholarship to #ALU! Modester comes from a large family of 15 in Kibagare, Nairobi. She is a top academic performer and a caring member of her community. We are extremely proud and excited to give her the opportunity to continue her studies and see her become a successful leader.

How i made it...

I was chosen as the miss martin this year,2019 and this is how my activities started. First of all this was on 16th February, our cultural day where we get to choose our miss martin. The day before at night, my cube mates were teaching me how to catwalk and it was tiring. By the time i went to sleep it was so late but no pain no gain. I woke up early next morning with a small headache but i was excited nevertheless. My designer and I were so confused and the judges had already arrived yet we were not fully prepared. One of the judges was a professional model and she came with her crew to judge us. The guest of honour, judges, teachers and my fellow students had already assembled in the hall

The life of Faith Waithera

Assertive, go-getter and admirable this is one of the few words which i would use to express myself.I am eighteen years old in form four and the proud chairperson of journalism club .Talent?i would say i do not have a talent as many might consider a talent as singing and dancing but i would say i have a gift 'MENTORSHIP' I advise my fellow classmates on difficult matters and assist them on making the right decision in their lives.I am also passionate about the girl child and her place in the society, as i believe that though the right guidance and mentorship, especially in a county where male chauvinism has dominated they would make a difference not only in their lives but also in the co


I am Sharon Nyambura from form 4 north.I am 17 years of age and I really like skating,dancing,singing and most of all reading novels.I am social,prayerful, fun and a loving person. I am a real enthusiast when it comes to environment.During my free time I visit the Menengai forest which is currently on the move to put an arboretum at the middle of the forest.I love involving other people who are passionate about making the world a better place. I would really love to see a better Africa in the coming years and that's why I involve myself in small projects such as The St.Martins Journalism Club and also Wildlife clubs. composed by sharon.


I am Dera Anyanya Cham a form four North student at ST Martins Girls . I am an ambitious writer of spoken word and rap.Passionate about utilizing my talent so as to achieve my goals of doing art and theater .I am a social,kind, confident and self driven girl .Education is my first priorty so as to be successful in my life and successful.One of my goals is to make my mum proud.I love being creative. Being an Ethiopian i love my culture since my culture is my identity.Am working smart so as to be a news anchor and a spoken word artist partly.Also mentoring and helping young people to utilize their talent. ​​SMLXL This is me doing spoken words during the cultural day .I Wrote it ,it is titled k

ALU project for young women empowerment.

"We trust that this visit is a humble beginning of a huge blessing in disguise," says one of the applicants (Modesta) The aroma of excitement and tension has settled leaving behind mild quenosity of who won. but memories of the recent visit by the Milanos and ALU to St Martins secondary school in Kenya Nairobi constituency will forever linger in the students' minds. The excitement of the applicants too remains. The visit, has given the community a ray of hope for the slum school sitting on an eight-acre land, donated by the slum elders. Before the visit, no applicant had ever had about the Milano's and ALU scholarship programme that is seeking to help orphaned and vulnerable students with le


The day started with a lot of jovial activities and high expectations . Everyone was as happy as a lark knowing that they were going to have positive results at the end of the day . The journalism club members thank the Almighty for the day had begun amazingly being the coordinators of the event . The dining hall was decorated beautifully with a lot of bright colours . We also had guest judges from outside . There were people competing to be the best of dancers , singers , instrumentals and one of the students who was going to be crowned Mrs Martin . Everyone was eager to know who was going to be crowned the Mrs Martin . Everyone gathered at the dining hall . The show began afterwards . Peop

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