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🎥 🎥 https://youtu.be/wHrZIRfDteg 🎥🎥 "We are women, women supporting women working towards a shared goal. Firm believers that no matter where we are in life, to inspire and empower women around us is our must." I AM A WOMAN. WE ARE A PRIDE. 💕 It reads the motto of our Empowering Young Women Mentoring Programme(EYW), now running in Africa, at Saint Martins School, in Kibagare Slum. "We believe that an effective step forward is to make sure that men and women support women by standing up for each other". It is not just about us, but enabling future female generations to play a role in the world as leaders. Success is never reach alone, but us a team. # Male and Female, stronger together

"LIVE THE STORY YOU WANT TO TELL". The Journalism Club at Saint Martins - "The JC&quo

“Live the story you want to tell”. This is how our diary for the Journalism Club (JC) reads at the beginning. Working on purpose, with the team and on a team, was our mindset. OUR AIM? To become the 📢📢Voice to spread the Soul of St Martins School throughout the eyes of the people who belong here. 🖌🖌🖌 An extra curricular activity that was born 2 years ago and now is more than a Club, we are a factory of inspiration, an ongoing skill training, an empowering machine that moves us forward with determination, seeking for our dreams come true.💭💭 +50 girls of Secondary, headed by Sister Banda with an endeavour to share, empower, learn how get skilled in the Art of storytelling, in fact, “s

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