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Feeding Families in Kibagare | Thank You

From Wednesday of last week the first food parcels have been distributed to families most in need in Kibagare. With generous donations we have already been able to provide enough food for approx 1300 people for the next weeks, with over £4,500 already raised. We need to continue to drive awareness and support across the coming weeks ahead. So please do continue to support and share as far and wide as we can. Life in a slum is pretty grim and having seen the abject poverty that abound in every corner of the slum, families are in a desperate plight with no running water, basic sanitation or hand hygiene. A place where social distancing is impossible in cramped sheds that pass as family dwellin

Second Annual University Scholarship Winners Announced

The Ohana Scholarship, co-chaired by two salesforce female professionals on a volunteer basis, were extremely proud to be able to support this initiative for a second year running in order to support their commitment to advancing educational opportunity for youth in Africa. Annual Applicants Day This years applicants— the top performing graduates from St Martins Secondary and from the Kibagare settlement, submitted their applications and gathered at a daylong virtual workshop run by ALU's Nairobi based ALX for the second year in a row. The intense day included team building and problem solving exercises and four virtual interviews with executives from around the globe including Salesforce

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