Feeding the Families in the Kibagare Slum
Our Feeding Programme is in crisis with the impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Right now we have had to suspend our Saturday Feeding Program because of the lockdown associated with the Coronavirus (Covid-19). This means that almost 2,000 children who may come through our gates each week have no access to proper meals. The lockdown also means many parents have now also lost jobs and income to buy or pay for food.


We are urgently trying to buy enough food to share food parcels throughout the Community of Kibagare. There are 17,00 people living in the Kibagare slum right now. $100 will pay for enough food support a family for a month. With Easter almost here can you help us feed and protect vulnerable families.


Thank you for your support - Sister Emmah




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What your donation can buy:

We are planning to fill and deliver a food basket for the families in the slum. The school can be the purchase and be the distribution point for these families in need.

We urgently need your help to buy the following essentials:

  • Cereals (maize and beans, green grams)

  • Rice

  • Cooking oil

  • Porridge Flour (for the young and the old)

  • Soap and Disinfectants

What your money will buy for a typical family (6-8)

7 Days Food for a family

A donation of $20 will help provide food for a family for 7 days



14 Days food for a family

A donation of $50 will help provide food for a family for 14 days



30 Days Food for a family

A donation of $100 will help provide food for a family for 30 days



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Contact Primary:

Sister Emmah Karanja (Director) Tel:+254722580224


Contact Secondary:

Sister Damiana Mutiso (Principal) Tel: +254701311237


Program Liaison: Alfred Aswan Tel: +254725468431

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