Government regulations that has made buildings go down into ashes and has left many in tears [demoli

The recent trending news in Kenya that has shocked many people is the massive destruction of property along rivers and roads.The government claims that the construction of buildings along main roads causes road accidents due to blockage of important road signs.Various supermarkets,malls,some petrol stations have so far been demolished.Citizens are affected by this sudden decision for many business premises including the famous West gate mall was demolished to pave way for construction of modern highways.To add onto this, our great school near Kibagare residents will have to face the same fate.Residents are migrating to find areas of their comfort.By the end of October, all this demolition activity would have already be done with.Hoping that the government decision would have helped change our infrastructure.

In conclusion, we were able to feel the pain that millions of investors across the country are able to feel and also the less fortunate people for example Kibagare residents and we hope that the government shall compensate them and dry their tears.This work was compiled by the group 2 members;Faith,Rebecca,Sharon,Lydia,Linda,Rose.


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