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I am Dera Anyanya Cham a form four North student at ST Martins Girls .

I am an ambitious writer of spoken word and rap.Passionate about utilizing

my talent so as to achieve my goals of doing art and theater .I am a social,kind, confident and self driven girl .Education is my first priorty so as to be successful in

my life and successful.One of my goals is to make my mum proud.I love being creative.

Being an Ethiopian i love my culture since my culture is my identity.Am working smart so as to be a news anchor and a spoken word artist partly.Also mentoring and helping young people to utilize their talent.

This is me during the schools cultural day Showing. what i have been hiding in me .It  was my time to shine and to show case  my talent.I was doing spoken word in this picture i was awarded the best spoken word artist .I wrote its titled kipenzi its about how women are left by their husbands with the children and how the society treats them also the fake promises they give us women and they dont fulfil


This is me doing spoken words during the cultural day .I Wrote it ,it is titled kipenzi.Kipenzi is all about how women are left by their husbands with children and the way the society is treating them and undermining the women and telling them tht they have raised burstard children.

I was awarded best spoken word artist .I felt proud of my self since i showed the hidden tiger in me .Mum i made u proud wherever you were .Am just urging young youths to follow their dreams and to showcase them since they dont know where their talent will take them .

compiled by:DERA CHAM


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