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St Martins School Newsletter - Dec 2021

Hi Friends of St Martins School - We are glad to have made it this far. The pandemic is still a huge problem here as is the case World over. It has resulted in more people being poor, with economies shrinking day in day out.

Climate change has also had a huge impact on our economy and the livelihoods of Kenyans. inadequate rainfall, high energy cost as its reliant on rain, farmers becoming poorer, high cost of living and increased food prices.

Depression and mental health is a problem in the community we serve thanks to the challenges they go through daily. The most affected are children as they have very little to choose from and have to live with that which comes their way.

Affordable health care is also not guaranteed for the community we serve due to poverty. On a sad note, we lost a girl in her final year of primary school due to the the inability of her parents to get her the best care. We have a number of our student missing out on school due to health issues. All in all it has been a good second half of the year, thanks to your support and the gift of friendship.

Sr. Emmah Karanja, Directress St Martins Primary

Read our full December Newsletter with latest news and updates covering:

  • School Feeding, Boys program and Sustainable farming

  • Education Update

  • Needs and New developments

  • Kibagare Community Outreach

  • Sponsorship program and How to help

Download and read our full newsletter below

St Martins Kibagare Newsletter December 2021-compressed (1)
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