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Hannah's Story

Hannah Mbula did her primary school education at St Martins Primary School Kibagare. After sitting for her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams, she qualified to go to a good secondary school. She had a sponsor who paid her school fees from Form one to Form four.


Hannah worked hard in her studies and was always position one in her class. After form four, she sat for her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination. She qualified for university admission. She has been admitted to Eldoret University. 

“We are five siblings in my family and one niece whose mother passed on. I count myself very privileged that I have a sponsor who pays my school fees. I have four brothers; the first born should be in form three this year. He was in and out of school when he was in form one and two because of lack of school fees. The whole of this year he has not been in school and stays home. My mother could not afford to pay school fees for him. Another brother of mine stays with my grandmother at our rural home. His learning depends on Government bursaries and the little money that my mother can afford. His twin brother is in form one. He was supposed to join form one last year [2016]. 

My mother could not afford to pay school fees for him and he only joined secondary school this year 2017. If I had not got the support I could have been struggling like the rest of my siblings. This is how helpful you have been to me. My mother’s salary does not sustain each one of us, but you have been the reason why I have a hopeful future as a prominent person and have a story to tell through your assistance.“​

Secondary School


There are many pupils like Nia and Lillian who lack school fees and they need support.

Secondary school is not included in the official Kenyan educational program. St Martins boarding school for secondary (high school) girls offers school fees, boarding, food, uniforms and books.  You can talk directly to your sponsored students and provide mentoring and coaching.

Nia’s Personal Memoir

Tamrat Muturi's Story

My name is Tamrat*. I have two sisters and one brother. My mother is single, asthmatic and the breadwinner. One of my sisters finished secondary education last year and passed with a C+ grade which would allow her to take a diploma course but my mother cannot afford to pay for a course for her.

When I finished class 8 last year, I had lost all hope because I knew my mother could not afford to pay the school fees for me.

I went to Sr. Emmah the Director of St. Martin‘s Primary School Kibagare. She got me to a government school.

I looked at this like a dream which had become a reality. I am grateful for this sponsorship. I have a great hope in completing my studies. I am working very hard in school so that in future I can support my mother to support the other children.

*names have been changed to protect identities


Primary School


There are many pupils like Tamrat who lack school fees and they need support.

Sponsor a PRIMARY student from the local Kibagare Slum. Assure that  your sponsored child has a school to go to, a basic uniform and pair of shoes as well as two meals during school days and some educational materials.

500 EUROS yearly for children from nursery school through eighth year of primary.

Mentor Mothers

In the slum, there are some children who are neglected by their parents because, the parents are alcoholics. These children suffer very much because their parents are not there for them. We have put some of these children under the care of mentor mothers.


Rose Wamalwa is a mentor mother and takes care of Rose Wanjiru whose mother is dead and father is an alcoholic. Rose Wamalwa stays with these children and her two children. They live as a family and we provide her with the basic needs for their upkeep.

This is what she has to say:-

In the home where I live with my brother and sister, it is a real home for us. Our mentor mother takes care of us as if we were her own children. She does not differentiate us with her children. She treats us the same. We even call her “Mum“

In the home, we are given time to study and we are bought books, we have food and all the necessary things we need.

Before we came to this home, I was getting 100 – 200 marks in school. I am proud to say I am among the top ten position in my class. My brother was always the last position in his class. He has improved tremendously. I am very grateful for the care we receive.



Ruth Karugari is another mentor mother. She takes care of the following children. Cynthia, Elvis and Stephen whose mother is an alcoholic. Cynthia and Stephen were not going to school in order to take care of their younger brother Elvis. We took Cynthia who is 9 years old and Stephen 12 years old to school and took Elvis to baby class. We provide them with breakfast, lunch and supper at 6.00p.m. before they go home.
The role of mentor mother is to ensure that, they have eaten, show them how to wash their clothes, she goes with them at home to show them how to clean the utensils and keep the house clean. We provide the children with clothes and other basic needs.

Ruth also takes care of Richard Kamau 3 ½ years and Mary Wambui 5 years old. The mother is an alcoholic and the father is a casual labourer. He would leave the children to roam about alone without food in the slum. Their security was at stake. The slum elders requested us to assist them. Ruth ensures that the father brings them to the centre when they are clean, that Mary goes to school and that they eat. These children are in great need of your support in order to make their future bright.


Sponsor a Child's Education

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