20 Years of Salesforce supporting St Martins School

St Martin’s School is an educational organization located in Nairobi, Kibagare. Their mission is to educate as many children as possible, providing them with a safe environment where they can play, learn and receive regular meals. 

Salesforce and St Martin’s close relationship started 20 years ago, which would make it even more amazing to win the
US$20, 000 impact award! Since then Salesforce has collected more than US $377,000 in individual donations, and our total volunteer hours add up to almost 2.600. With both resources, time and money, our company has been able to give access to education and food to a huge amount of children in the slum of Kibagare, Nairobi, Kenya. 20

 Behind the scenes, this school is supported and run by inspirational women who are paving a path to a brighter future for the community’s children.

Empowering Young Women like..
Salesforce Support.. 

In recent years, Salesforce support has been vital for St Martin’s School regarding two key events of greatest need:

Covid struck (2020): Salesforce donors raised on top of sponsorship funding over $30,000 for food parcels so that pupils and families in Kibagare could be fed during the toughest pandemic times. 

St Martin’s School Fire (Aug 5th 2021): a fire destroyed the secondary school dorm and solar panels. In response to this emergency, $22,000 was quickly raised from Salesforce donors over the course of a few weeks, and this made it possible that in January-February this year the dorm and new solar panels were replaced.

July 2022: Modester's presentation at the Madrid office where she shared her story and was an opportunity for her to improve communication, and presentation skills, and expand her work network. 


20 Years of Inspirational Impact

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Supporting the education of the children of Kibagare and helping shape the future lives of children. Creating a better world for you and to contribute to a better tomorrow for the girls of our future.

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Salesforce transforming Trailblazers.. 

We want our children to turn into real trailblazers. As we know in Salesforce, a Trailblazer is:

  • A pioneer; an innovator; a lifelong learner; a mover and shaker.

  • A leader who leaves a path for others to follow.

  • Most importantly, a person who builds a better world for others.

We will work towards turning St Martins Children into real trailblazers. We will implement some workshops for them to understand what a trailblazer is and how they can learn everything about us through Trailhead. By the end of this program, we want the children to have a deep knowledge on the use of Salesforce and to understand and share our culture of being a lifelong learner.