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Admissions & Joining our School


St. Martin’s is at the heart of change in the Kibagare slum in Nairobi, a place where poverty, substance abuse and sickness are an everyday occurrence.

We offer a safe environment where almost 1000 of the most vulnerable children from the Kibagare slum can thrive through education and be empowered to change the futures of their communities.


We also serve breakfast and lunch 5 days a week for those being educated in the school and up to 800 who aren’t due to unfortunate financial constraints.


Although we know what we are doing is having a huge impact on improving the immediate lives and long-term prospects of the local children, there are so many more in need that we want to be able to help with your help.


What we do all started when the late Sr.Martin Wanjiru founded the Kibagare Good News Center in 1980, building it from locally sourced materials to house a hugely needed feeding program for destitute children.


Expanding on this with funds from kind local and international sources, a hostel was built in 1990 to accommodate 100 children, but Sr.Martin quickly realised that education was the key to sustainably changing the lives of these street children, most of whom had been surviving incredibly harsh living conditions.

Primary School

The Primary School serves the local community of slum children aged 4-12 and is a place where they can get food, clean water, clothes and even basic medical care and emergency assistance.


Secondary School

St. Martins secondary school started in 1992 with the goal of educating 180 girls who had graduated from the primary school but who had no hope of continuing with education.​


The Secondary School is an all-girls boarding school for ages 13-18. Most of our students come from poor rural communities who rely on St. Martins for a an excellent education at accessible cost, in fact our grades are well-above average, making it very competitive against other private schools in the country. Many girls at St Martins Secondary School get access to education even if they cannot sustain the fees via the sponsorship of generous people all over the world.

School Admissions

Find out when and how to apply for a school placement for your child

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