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St. Martin‘s ‘Feeding Program’ runs three Saturdays a month and supports up to 1,500 children on each occasion.
The program is fully self-funded and sustained by private donors and sponsors. We open the school gates at 12.30 and for two hours the children queue up to get a nutritious meal, including fruit and a carton of milk. The Sisters, school staff and local volunteers coordinate the large flow of children through several ‘food’ stations, where they pick up different items until they reach the main dining area. In many cases, this is the only warm meal the children will get in the entire weekend. It’s quite common to see children as young as 6 carrying younger siblings on their backs or holding them by the hands through the trail.
The main reason the ‘Feeding program’ exists is to ensure the children get a full meal, having observed some of them feeding off the garbage and begging for money in the streets of Nairobi. 

The school struggles to get regular funding to buy the food despite the impact and far-reach of this program. Consider ways you, your team and company could help sponsor a feeding program session. Maybe run a fundraiser and start your own fundraising page. Learn about creating a fundraising page

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