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Sponsoring an Education

Our sponsorship programme is something which an increasing number of children from poor and broken families, or no families at all, have come to rely on to live, not just survive. If you’re interested in giving a child a life and a future. Contact us to learn more about sponsoring a child today.

What happens once I sponsor a child?

If you decide to change the life of a child by sponsoring them, you’ll receive regular updates on their progress from our staff, including pictures and details on how the child is getting on at school and at home. Plus, if you sponsor a Secondary School child, they will send you personal letters themselves, which has proved to be an incredibly rewarding experience for other sponsors.

Primary School

Sponsor a PRIMARY student from the local Kibagare Slum. Assure that your sponsored child has a school to go to, a basic uniform and pair of shoes as well as two meals during school days and some educational materials.

(For children from nursery school through the eighth year of primary.)

€550 /yr
Secondary School
€1,100 /yr

(For children attending secondary school)

Secondary school is not included in the official Kenyan educational program. St Martins boarding school for secondary (high school) girls offers school fees, boarding, food, uniforms, and books. You can talk directly to your sponsored students and provide mentoring and coaching.

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More than Education!

St. Martin‘s ‘Feeding Program’ runs three Saturdays a month and supports at least 2,000 children on each occasion.

The program is fully self-funded and sustained by private donors. We open the school gates at 12.30 and for two hours the children queue up to get a nutritious meal, including fruit and a carton of milk. The Sisters, school staff and local volunteers coordinate the large flow of children through several ‘food’ stations, where they pick up different items until they reach the main dining area. In many cases, this is the only warm meal the children will get in the entire weekend. It’s quite common to see children as young as 6 carrying younger siblings on their

backs or holding them by the hands through the trail.

The main reason the ‘Feeding program’ exists is to ensure the children get a full meal, having observed some of them feeding off the garbage and begging for money in the streets of Nairobi. Since September 2015 we’ve experienced a 35% increase in the numbers of children attending the feeding program, with average numbers now reaching up to 2000 each Saturday. The school struggles to get regular funding to buy the food despite the impact and far-reach of this program.


You can make a difference by making a donation to the School. All donations have a big impact on the lives of our students no matter how small, help support our community with our Kibagare Feeding Program


St. Martins Primary & St Martins Girls Secondary School

PO Box 68291, 00200 Nairobi, Kenya


Contact Primary:

Sister Emmah Karanja (Director) Tel:+254722580224


Contact Secondary:

Sister Mary Njugia (Principal) Tel: +254701311237


Program Liaison: Alfred Aswan Tel: +254725468431

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