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The slum of Kibagare, Kenya, is located on the outskirts of Nairobi and home to 17,000 people without clean water or sanitation systems. The slum originated with former plantation workers who lost their livelihoods back in 1972 and has today grown to 17,000 people in a tiny strip of land hemmed in on all sides. 

The level of poverty experienced by families in Kibagare is immense. With such hardships and little employment the rate of substance abuse and crime and prostitution is high. At the heart of Kibagare lies Saint Martin's school which sits like a lighthouse and a beacon of hope where poverty, destitution are all around. 

Life in the slum is not easy and it's even worse for children. The lack of even the most basic needs - shelter, food, healthcare, security and education. The children of Kibagare have limited access to any of these. 

Economically, the community here thrive casual labour and employment. With Covid many of the people who had employment have lost their jobs. Throughout the slum we face the challenges of substance abuse, child neglect dire poverty.

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