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Sponsoring an Education

Our sponsorship programme is something which an increasing number of children from poor and broken families, or no families at all, have come to rely on to live, not just survive. If you’re interested in giving a child a life and a future. Contact us to learn more about sponsoring a child today.

What happens once I sponsor a child?

If you decide to change the life of a child by sponsoring them, you’ll receive regular updates on their progress from our staff, including pictures and details on how the child is getting on at school and at home. Plus, if you sponsor a Secondary School child, they will send you personal letters themselves, which has proved to be an incredibly rewarding experience for other sponsors.

Primary School

Sponsor a PRIMARY student from the local Kibagare Slum. Assure that your sponsored child has a school to go to, a basic uniform and pair of shoes as well as two meals during school days and some educational materials.

(For children from nursery school through the eighth year of primary.)

€550 /yr
Secondary School
€1,100 /yr

(For children attending secondary school)

Secondary school is not included in the official Kenyan educational program. St Martins boarding school for secondary (high school) girls offers school fees, boarding, food, uniforms, and books. You can talk directly to your sponsored students and provide mentoring and coaching.

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More than Education!

Primary & Secondary School Finance & Transparency

St Martins school (primary and secondary) operates entirely on charitable donations. We have been verified by Tech Soup and Benevity to receive matching donations from some employers.

We currently have more than half of the students sponsored by Friends of St Martins (donors and sponsors alike). These donations cover roughly half our expenses. Our vision is the offer the opportunity to recieve an education and to have all of our students sponsored and supported. We need your help to get there and by helping to share our story in your networks we can grow our community of supporters and sponsors to help us help the children of Kibagare. 

Paying for school sponsorship

We will send sponsors an annual invoice a the beginning of each school year (January) once your child has started the school year. You can then select one our suggested payment methods to remit this amount and sponsor your child for the year.