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The life of Faith Waithera

Assertive, go-getter and admirable this is one of the few words which i would use to express myself.I am eighteen years old in form four and the proud chairperson of journalism club .Talent?i would say i do not have a talent as many might consider a talent as singing and dancing but i would say i have a gift 'MENTORSHIP' I advise my fellow classmates on difficult matters and assist them on making the right decision in their lives.I am also passionate about the girl child and her place in the society, as i believe that though the right guidance and mentorship, especially in a county where male chauvinism has dominated they would make a difference not only in their lives but also in the county .

When i grow up i aspire to be a lawyer and God-willing a leader who would lead with integrity and justice .Reasons why i would want to be a leader is to fight corruption as it is a disease in Kenya.I have a loving family that i admire and respect ,and who i would do everything possible to make them happy and put a smile on their faces.

My favourite novel is 'A doll's house'which talks about a wife who was loved by those around her but was always living under the authority of his husband and father who had always made choices for her and always considered her opinions as unreasonable and childish but as the novel commences the main character Nora realises about how people have been treating her and walks away from her marriage to search for her destiny. In short i believe that am a little of everything fun ,admirable and a leader .This is my life.

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