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37 years on from our humble begining's

It’s now 37 years since the St Martin School Kibagare opened the doors of its mabati [iron sheets] shed to the Kibagare slum dwellers. It opened its doors with a mission of bearing witness to the good news of Jesus Christ. Its mission was to give acts to the invisible Jesus by easing the pain and sufferings of the slum dwellers. Its opening was a sign of courage and dare shown by the late Sr Martin Wanjiru, ASN. What followed was the practice of hope, faith and patience, which in them are great virtues in a Christian life, mixed with daily struggle and fight against so many difficulties. St Martins School Kibagare started with almost nothing but big hearts full of love. It started with a de

A life changing experience from a teenage volunteer

Last week, a group of salesforce volunteers, including me, returned to St. Martin’s School of Nairobi, Kenya. We had new volunteers with great attitudes and returning volunteers with even more excitement than last time. Because we had new volunteers, we had new ideas for activities and ways to help the school and the students. I think the best moment of the trip for me was when we played soccer in the primary playground with not only boys, but girls as well. The students were so competitive and it made me very happy to see that they never stopped trying and really wanted to win. Some of them played without shoes because they did not want to get the only ones they had dirty on the field, so t

Sustainability: building a strong and reliable support system for the children of Kibagare

When you visit Kibagare for the first time, even our most travelled and adventurous volunteers are taken aback by the slum life. Our ride in to St Martins travels by old school bus through the slum's main road-- a mixture of entrepreneurial spirit and community collaboration mixed with poverty, disease, dirt, malnutrition and addiction. The gates open to the school; however, and we are greeted with the biggest smiles on the planet. I was particularly enthused last month when we visited by the overall health and well being of the students-- proud in their modest uniforms and always interested in their visitors and trying out their english. I saw right away that our SPONSORS were making an im

Thank you Teacher

This film pays tribute to the incredible work teachers do in often challenging situations for very little pay. Set in St. Martins School, Nairobi, Kenya. Created by Atomic on behalf of salesforce.org and voiced by our very own former student and graduate Kule Wario.

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