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37 years on from our humble begining's

It’s now 37 years since the St Martin School Kibagare opened the doors of its mabati [iron sheets] shed to the Kibagare slum dwellers. It opened its doors with a mission of bearing witness to the good news of Jesus Christ. Its mission was to give acts to the invisible Jesus by easing the pain and sufferings of the slum dwellers. Its opening was a sign of courage and dare shown by the late Sr Martin Wanjiru, ASN. What followed was the practice of hope, faith and patience, which in them are great virtues in a Christian life, mixed with daily struggle and fight against so many difficulties.

St Martins School Kibagare started with almost nothing but big hearts full of love. It started with a desire to love and express the love in simple acts of mercy and concern. It started as a feeding program for 50 hungry slum children. It had to live from day to day hoping and having faith in the divine providence. As each day passed, the sisters and the workers were able to see and thank God for sustaining their mission another day. With time and according to the needs, St Martins School Kibagare has created more programs all in a bid to strengthen its mission. What had started as a simple mabati structure has been replaced by permanent blocks in order to accommodate 700 students that are under our care. Of recent, the beneficiaries of St Martins Primary School come from mainly from Kibagare slum and very few from the neighbouring slums of Kangemi and Sodom.

So far, St Martins Primary School operates five programs:

St Martins Nursery and Primary Schools [since 1985]

St Martins Secondary School [since 1992]

St Martins Catholic Church [since 1980]

Outreach program

St Martins Dispensary [since 1982]

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