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On Wednesday people were eager to see the visitors arrive in school . Everyone was excited and most activities in the school halted . All ran helter skelter towards the bus to be the first to welcome them . Immediately one of them stepped down on the school ground screams were heard in the air . The scent of their clothes too good to be forgettable .

Journalism club had an opportunity to learn new skills as the rest of the students were interacting with the guests, we had a chance to push the limits of our talents and learn new ways on how our club was going to run . We thank them all for teaching us on how to blog and the way we could communicate easily with, them because for us it was a pleasure knowing that we can better our work and advance to even greater heights. We acknowledge the works and efforts of Steve Quinn, Isabella Milano and Esther Garcia in our journalism club, we owe to them our success in the achievements we hope to achieve this year. Due to their skills we can shine. We vow to heed everything that they taught us and make our club the top talk in our community. . We played football , volley ball , basketball and we also learnt how to create email accounts . We thank them for helping us the journalism club members to learn new skill writing and how to learn our club .

We were a happy jack as they shared a meal with us ,their personalities made us feel like we had revived a part of our community that was not alive. We all had banana shaped smiles as we got to know each other more and making jokes as if we had known each other a decade.

Both High school students and Primary pupils got the opportunity to present their beautiful talents to them so as to show our appreciation and how thankful we are for their support in our education. The High school students had a golden chance to get to know the visitors' lives and career and how they strived to achieve their goals . These inspired most of us to work hard and be women of standards in our society. There was a project done by the High school students about the water used in the school and around the environment the project entailed testing all the sources of water in our school, our esteemed guests the SALESFORCE community supplied us with the necessary equipment to complete our project and some of them even joined in with us .

We were deeply moved when the visitors offered some of the students , staff members and the St . Martins Alumni a chance to go for dinner with them in one of the finest hotels in our town, this was truly a kind gesture to us and we do not take it for granted . It showed us how much they would go out of their way to make us feel loved.

On the last day they did some activities like feeding the Kibagarian children and it was a really touching experience for them . We were very happy that they were here but deeply heartbroken because it was their last day to be with us before they went back to their country. We had really bonded with them for the few days that we were together . both our visitors and the students and pupils were emotionally touched, some of the visitors that had grown so attached to the children cried as they left the school grounds. Most of the students who had friends cried bitter tears as they watched in agony as their heart felt friends drifted further away. we still hold on to their scent with a hope that they will return.

We thank you all for the support and time you created to come and spend time with us leaving your work .We deeply appreciate your concern and may God shower His blessings on you all , strengthen you to come back and be with us . We deeply love you all and hope you continue with the heart of gold that you have . In French we would like to say "Merci beaucoup"

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