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This comprises of captivating poems compiled and composed by Flavia Machoka, Janet Mbuga, Dera Cham. (Group three)


She sat at her favorite spot

Who knew she had the same thought,

Her favorite pen and paper at hand,

Her extraordinary brain at work

Her favorite tools set the pace for her work

"I am your friend to the moon and back"

The words that gave her much pain

Her heart that was of black blood

She poured on the pages of her work

Her favorite tools set the pace for her work

Shy betrayed and unnoticed

Her tools knew the climax of her imagination

just like the asylum walls knew the secrets of the "depressed"

No one knew the knife had been turned

By the same people she once loved

Her black wounded heart measure the ink drops on paper

Her favorite tools set the pace for her work.

This poem is all about a young girl who is in pain and also she has an hidden identity.


by :Flavia Machoka - F2


She sat behind closed doors

her mind drifted far beyond the sky

wishing she could see the rays of light

her hope like a candle in the dark

that was slowly fading away

Her eyes blinded by her tears

tears of anguish and despair

but somehow she knew she

was to be free from her back

from achieving her dreams

What they thought and said did

not matter to her anymore their lies

were not going to stop her she believed

in herself and her alone

she knew she was going to make it

She wiped her tears

ready to begin the journey

of untold destination .

this poem is all about a girl who is lost in thoughts and is depressed about her future

by:Janet Mbugua- F1



I was watching the stars last night

then i realized that morning relationships

are like glasses sometimes its better to leave

them broken than trying to hurt yourself

putting it back

you know what?

the girl who seemed unbreakable is broken

The girl who always laughed things off cried

you have ruined my my life ,i guess its time to say

good bye ...sleep and laziness you have ruined my life ...

This poem is all about a girl who has realized that she has wasted her time and now she has realized her mistakes.

by Dera Cham- F3

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