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The day started with a lot of jovial activities and high expectations . Everyone was as happy as a lark knowing that they were going to have positive results at the end of the day . The journalism club members thank the Almighty for the day had begun amazingly being the coordinators of the event . The dining hall was decorated beautifully with a lot of bright colours .

We also had guest judges from outside . There were people competing to be the best of dancers , singers , instrumentals and one of the students who was going to be crowned Mrs Martin . Everyone was eager to know who was going to be crowned the Mrs Martin .

Everyone gathered at the dining hall . The show began afterwards . People sang others did poetry . The models looked very magnificant . All of them did their best . At the end of the day our Mrs Martin was finally crowned who was Eunice Nkirote who really deserved the crown .

We thank our school administration for giving us this opportunity . At least people were able to nature their talents . Others discovered their talents and everyone was pleased with everything that happened . We also thank you for if not for this opportunity we could not be having the pictures but we had the camera in which we could be able to share our memories with you . We thank you very much and may God bless you.

complied by # Mercy Angela.


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