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"We are women, women supporting women working towards a shared goal.

Firm believers that no matter where we are in life, to inspire and empower women around us is our must." I AM A WOMAN. WE ARE A PRIDE. 💕 It reads the motto of our Empowering Young Women Mentoring Programme(EYW), now running in Africa, at Saint Martins School, in Kibagare Slum. "We believe that an effective step forward is to make sure that men and women support women by standing up for each other".

It is not just about us, but enabling future female generations to play a role in the world as leaders.

Success is never reach alone, but us a team. # Male and Female, stronger together #.

This is Saint Martins School in Kibagare. Where it all began. EYW Mentoring Programme was born here. +1,000 of the most vulnerable boys and girls from the slum of Kibagare attend the School. 200 girls in Secondary Boarding School. The School means the only opportunity for the girls to get access to education in a safe environment. Behind the gates, prostitution, violence and risk of being raped are found at the carte. Within the walls of the School we keep feeding the hope and fostering the chance of a better future through education.

Still and all, the joy of happiness and love impregnate the atmosphere. We love them 💕and we are here for them.

----------Our exciting project started 2 years ago, giving birth to The Journalism Club, The JC, +50 girls of Secondary School led by Sister Banda and supported by us as volunteer team. Our aim is to become the voice of the Saint Martins School. “Live the story you want to tell” is our motto. We are a factory of dreams, an open window to the world, providing the girls with fundamental soft skills, in the Art of communication, learning how to post or write a blog, how to unravel the puzzling social media world. A digital book, a film, a new office room, to foster our golden EYW Programme. These are our dreams now.

Journalism Club inspired EYW and it was born here, by listenning to their needs.

We are focused on PROVIDING GIRL POWER THROUGH EDUCATION, giving them the freedom to make their own choices in life within their cultural and environment issues.

A new own website for EYW is coming soon and new hope and promising projects enligthen our minds. I hope this is contagious and you love this initiative as well.

We’ll be following up with the new soon. In the meantime, please, join in instagram,

as well as this site and I invite you to

Follow @stmartinsfriends in instagram, led by Sarah Byrne where the girls of JC are also involved along with the Facebook site

Kwa upendo*. With love

I am a woman. We are a pride

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