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"LIVE THE STORY YOU WANT TO TELL". The Journalism Club at Saint Martins - "The JC&quo

“Live the story you want to tell”. This is how our diary for the Journalism Club (JC) reads at the beginning. Working on purpose, with the team and on a team, was our mindset. OUR AIM? To become the 📢📢Voice to spread the Soul of St Martins School throughout the eyes of the people who belong here.


An extra curricular activity that was born 2 years ago and now is more than a Club, we are a factory of inspiration, an ongoing skill training, an empowering machine that moves us forward with determination, seeking for our dreams come true.💭💭

+50 girls of Secondary, headed by Sister Banda with an endeavour to share, empower, learn how get skilled in the Art of storytelling, in fact, “story-writing”, broaden their minds, engage, provoke, inspire and finally, connect with the people beyond the boundaries of the School.

And WE ARE DOING WITH METHOD, learning how to communicate effectively, how to write brilliantly, how to improve our productivity working as a team, how to awaken our senses and unleash our imagination. 🦋🦋 The club that we call the JC LAB is our Factory where our dreams become a reality. Make it yours. We are here to take care of each other. A community. The Journalism Club of St Martins School.

✈️✈️ After our last trip as volunteers in July, we had the opportunity to sit together and spend quality time together with Sister Banda and the girls brainstorming the plan, framework and objectives ahead of us. 🙌🏻We are lucky enough to share that we’ve been granted an space at School, just for us, the headquarters of our JC LAB. 👏🏻👏🏻 It is modest but we think big. Some of the projects that we are scheduling for this Year keep us busy and excited. Our diamond Empowering Young Women, who gave birth here a year ago, our JC factory Skill Development, The @Social Media Lab for St Martins, lead by Sarah Byrne, feeding the blog and from now on also Instagram and Facebook and a few more that we’ll reveal throught the Year. Allow me to end this writing with one of our favourites inspiting notes created at JC: “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy”. We would love to hear from you. Please, stay in tocuh with us. Warm wishes from, Esther G.Martin, volunteer leader of Journalism Club on behalf of Sister Banda, Sarah Bryne de Fernandez (volunteer team member coach) and all the girls, members of the Journalism Club, “The JC”.


We’ll be following up with the new soon.In the meantime, please, join in instagram,

as well as this site and I invite you to

Follow @stmartinsfriends in instagram, led by Sarah Byrne where the girls of JC are also involved along with the Facebook site

Kwa upendo*. With love


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