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Second Annual University Scholarship Winners Announced

The Ohana Scholarship, co-chaired by two salesforce female professionals on a volunteer basis, were extremely proud to be able to support this initiative for a second year running in order to support their commitment to advancing educational opportunity for youth in Africa.

Annual Applicants Day

This years applicants— the top performing graduates from St Martins Secondary and from the Kibagare settlement, submitted their applications and gathered at a daylong virtual workshop run by ALU's Nairobi based ALX for the second year in a row. The intense day included team building and problem solving exercises and four virtual interviews with executives from around the globe including Salesforce's Miguel Milano, President International.

Faith Ndungiu has been named as the second recipient of the prestigious Ohana Scholarship and will pursue a full degree at the esteemed *African Leadership University* in Kigali Rwanda starting in September of 2020. The scholarship, which not only covers Faith's tuition and living expenses abroad, but also provides hands on mentorship and guidance was offered by Smartcompass London - a punchy UK based all-female consulting group which helps businesses get into a strategic mindset with a fresher perspective and creative approaches. SmartCompass founder Esther Garcia is a long time supporter of female empowerment initiatives in the urban settlements in Nairobi and plans to personally support and mentor Faith in her educational endeavour.

The scholarship team was able to award two additional scholarships to deserving African youths.

The Kulea (a term meaning to nurture in Swahili) Scholarship allows recipients to study

at a local Nairobi university. This year the Kulea Scholarship is being awarded 2 deserving students. Linda Nzembi Nutunga will pursue her dream of getting a medical degree.

The second recipient of the Kulea Scholarship is Mr. John Kihara

of Kibagare, Nairobi. The Scholarship will allow him to continue his studies to become a mechanical engineer. This Scholarship is sponsored by the Milano Family Foundation.

The newly minted recipients will join last years recipients Modester Mwangi — a Milano Family Foundation winner and currently a first year student at ALU and Abigale Hadar Sifa pursuing an arts degree from the University of Nairobi who was sponsored by Rebeca Ruiz Interiors of Madrid, Spain.

Ohana Scholarship Sponsors

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