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Feeding Families in Kibagare | Thank You

From Wednesday of last week the first food parcels have been distributed to families most in need in Kibagare. With generous donations we have already been able to provide enough food for approx 1300 people for the next weeks, with over £4,500 already raised.

We need to continue to drive awareness and support across the coming weeks ahead. So please do continue to support and share as far and wide as we can. Life in a slum is pretty grim and having seen the abject poverty that abound in every corner of the slum, families are in a desperate plight with no running water, basic sanitation or hand hygiene. A place where social distancing is impossible in cramped sheds that pass as family dwellings.

As we all continue to look to our own well being and loved ones - it is maybe also a time to continue to look out for others too. Please, lets keep sharing, so from one home to another, we can help a family to stay safe and well.

Learn more about the needs and plight of children and their families in Kibagare during this time of crisis.

if you can help and share #allinthistogether #atimetoshare

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