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Thank You for helping us in a time of need

First things fist - Thank you everyone who has supported and shared our food appeal for children and families in the Kibagare, Throughout April and May food parcels have been distributed to families most in need the slum. With generous donations we have already been able to provide enough food delivery each week through the lockdown due to Covid-19 and the school being shut.

In Nairobi the lockdown has now been extended to the end of June. In Kibagare the food programme is as essential as ever to support the children and families in the slum in their time of need. We continue to raise funds to support this vital programme that has been running since the school was closed. Please, lets keep sharing, so from one home to another, we can help a family to stay safe, well and fed. Just €10 can help with a food parcel for a family! Never doubt that even small gestures can have a real and meaningful impact in helping others..

For our donors and supporters we also want to say a huge thank you! Every small gesture can have a big and meaningful impact -Thank you for everyone who supported and shared our food appeal for families in Kibagare slum.

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