Thank You- Feeding Programme August Update

“Nothing in your life is going to make you happier than giving”

Thanks to your continued generosity, the sisters in Kibagare have been able to continue to give vital food packages to local families.

With the closure of schools in the community back in March, followed a worrying trend: more and more children were going hungry.

With jobs scarce and incomes strained, many have been left without a means to feed themselves and their children.

With your help, so far we have been able to feed 1852 households, reaching 11,112 people.

What's in a food package?

Each package contains:

  • 4kgs rice

  • 4kgs maize flour

  • 4 kgs beans

  • 2 kgs sugar

  • 2 kgs cooking fat

All of the food is purchased locally, and packaged here in the school compound to be distributed to families in the area.

Each donation of €20 will feed a family of 6 for a week with one of these packages

Donate here:

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