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About Saint Martin's School - Our Mission

Our mission is to educate as many children as possible, providing them with a safe environment where they can play, learn and receive regular meals.


Did you know that half of the world’s youth population will reside in Africa before 2050? Many, including the 50,000 Kibagare Residents live on less than 2 US $ dollars per day.

Millions of the most vulnerable people in the planet live in densely populated informal settlements called slums. KIBAGARE is one such settlement in the concentrated urban city of Nairobi, Kenya. Here, water bone disease, poverty and hunger prevail. As many as half of the children do not attend school. Not all even have birth records. River water, waste, sewage, and the playground often combine. There are only 16 latrines and just 11 points where residents can access clean water

In the heart of Kibagare, Saint Martins School becomes an oasis in the slum life. Housing over 1,000 students from 6 to 20 years old and 75 teaching and non-teaching stuff. The children enjoy early, primary and secondary childhood education, food, clothing and safety as well as the joy and companionship of friends, teachers and staff.

The pandemic has beaten hard here. The School has just reopened with 204 students, or 25% of total pupils - whilst 828 have missed out on learning for the better part of the year.

Today the School and the Community are facing serious challenges. To list just a few:

Shrunk economies,, job losses… There is no guarantee of having a daily meal. The exposure to drugs, alcoholism and violence is threatening other health-risk behaviours

Child neglect and abuse are increasing. There is zero access to online learning or any resource to learn from home. The children have lost their space to play and experience what is to be a child.


Amazing volunteers like you have already joined our cause and we are looking forward to welcoming you as well.

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