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Merry Christmas to all our Friends of St Martins School

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all our dear Friends of St Martins School,

As the year 2023 began there was famine, the worst in a long time. In March this year we had good rains, which gave us hope of a good harvest though Inflation has continued to be high and made worse by increased taxation due to our huge country debts. This has affected many people because of high food prices.

In August and September, it was expected food prices will go down with the harvest in most parts of the country. This is not the case for cooking oil, sugar and many more products whose prices have remained high.

This has been a difficult period for many poor families, especially in slum areas and Kibagare slum.

For St Martins School, the situation would have been worse were it not for your generosity, goodwill and donations. Learning went on well, the children were fed, their education was guaranteed and uninterrupted,the most needy families from the Kibagare community were fed when we the need arose and we have made it to the end of this year, for this and many more, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.

I feel humbled, encouraged and grateful. Words cannot express all there is to say to you all but feel appreciated and know that your generosity makes a difference, transforms people's lives, and gives us hope and peace to continue serving the poor.

May you and your families be blessed abundantly and be fully provided for with enough for your families and to share with others.

Sr. Emmah Karanja, Administrator St Martins Primary

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