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Solar Panels lost in school fire now replaced

On 5th August a tragic fire destroyed one of the secondary girl's dorms including the roof and solar panels that were used to provide electricity for the school and in turn help pump clean water for the school. Thankfully no one was injured in the fire.

Thanks to the support from our friends, donors, sponsors to help us raise funds to rebuild after the devastating fire we have been able to replace the solar panels for pumping water that was lost in the August fire.

We had been using electricity to pump our water since the fire incident, and we have been incurring very huge electricity costs but as of today, we are happy that with the panels in place, our cost will be reduced. With solar, we have a reliable, clean and affordable energy source. We are also playing a part in making the world a better place by using green energy.

We are grateful to all our friends of St Martins, donors, sponsors and networks of friends who came together to help raise urgent funds to replace the panels.

Today 976 students in both our schools and 100 staff are guaranteed enough supply of clean water. We are still raising funds to help repair the damaged dorm replace beds and furniture etc.


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