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St Martins School Newsletter

2020 has been a hard year for us all. We are glad to have made it this far, having seen the hand of God in the midst of the happenings this year.

Since March when schools closed after the first case of the virus, learning, the Saturday program and our way of doing things was disrupted. Panic and confusion, the job losses to communities and more so the parents and guardians of our children followed. We are grateful of the fact that we are yet to record a case of the virus here in the community of Kibagare.

To you all our friends and donors who have joined forces, your generosity has helped us to feed our children, were it not for the donations, many would have gone hungry and forced to go to the street s to beg for food. This has been a noble and successful activity, words cannot express my gratitude to you all, Thank you.

We have more of you helping us prepare to reopen the school for all students in 2021.

Through this all, you have been the much needed light for our children and the St Martins School administration. You made this year bearable.

Sr. Emmah Karanja

Download our school newsletter here

St Martins Kibagare Newsletter End Year
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