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SALESFORCE FOR KIBAGARE Poverty is complex – Just as people’s lives are complex Each persons path to rise from poverty is unique. SFK empowers learners to engage with a variety of programs across three areas: offering multiple opportunities life skills and learning practise of lessons learnt or action SFK develops the whole person: EDUCATE MINDS Academic, social and emotional learning are necessary for personal development From scholarships to sport teams to club activities, we provide places to play, learn and grow. HEALTH, BODIES You can't thrive if you”re not alive. Healing the sick and promoting healthy lifestyles keeps the whole school community healthy. SECURE FINANCES Financial self-r

The most effective (and cheapest) employee engagement tool that all businesses should use.

As business owners or team leaders we’re all seeking effective and engaged employees. We know that highly engaged employees deliver exponentially more value than the norm. And yet, deep down we can see in our organisations that productivity and commitment are often not what they could be. We bring in advisors, we change our environments, have off-site days, which all deliver a much needed bounce but as often as not everything returns to the mean. But there is one engagement methodology that works, is cost effective to implement and delivers long term results. It’s called Giving Back. Maddeningly simple. Annoyingly obvious. And totally under-utilised. Our experience of giving back started as


On Wednesday people were eager to see the visitors arrive in school . Everyone was excited and most activities in the school halted . All ran helter skelter towards the bus to be the first to welcome them . Immediately one of them stepped down on the school ground screams were heard in the air . The scent of their clothes too good to be forgettable . Journalism club had an opportunity to learn new skills as the rest of the students were interacting with the guests, we had a chance to push the limits of our talents and learn new ways on how our club was going to run . We thank them all for teaching us on how to blog and the way we could communicate easily with, them because for us it was a pl


A week ago today I returned from my third trip to Kenya, undoubtedly the most special one. All other trips, like this one, had been magical. However, what made this trip stand out from the rest was the final realization of what a large, diverse, motivated and talented group of individuals can get done when the purpose is right and a plan has been established. We were early at the Madrid airport. 5.15am for a 7am flight is “a bit” more conservative than I normally play it. Kelli had been eagerly and meticulously planning this trip for weeks. This time, our three daughters Isabel, Sofia (already a St. Martin's veteran) and Maxima were joining. There is no way any airport logistics would de

Sponsor and Family meet their Sponsees for First Time

When I was told “please write a Blog about the experience” I had to really hold back and not start typing right away. What I was going through was so special that I needed to get back to “normality” and reflect about the experience taking some distance and perspective. We left St Martins a week ago and since then I have had plenty of things in my mind, including business travels, meetings, family reunions, our daughters birthday and even the Football World Cup…. Yet, St Martins is occupying a big portion of my brain and heart. I knew back in Nairobi that I would remember for a long time but I hoped that “normality” would not distract me too much from the “reality” I had seen at Saint Marti

Kibagare Moms collaborating in entrepreneurial spirit!

Finally tucked in on the long flight from Nairobi’s Kenyatta Airport to London Heathrow for the fifth time in as many years, I glanced at my i-phone in the few minutes before collapsing into a deep rest. The hairs on my arms were standing tall as I perused the week’s photos from our days in Kibagare and the Maasai Mara. I stopped on a section of photos taken the last full day of our visit to St Martins School and found that this series of amateur selfies and such brought me new feelings of excitement and hope. All my trips to St. Martins have been unique and special and each time I feel closer to the community and its amazing people. But this was new and special. For the past several year

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