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A Gallant Soldier

It is sad to announce the fall of a legend in times like this. George Gichuki met his maker on 22nd of this month. He was a light to many and his impacts had roots in the hearts of many.

Those special memories of him will always bring a smile. The fact that he is no longer here will always cause us pain. You are forever in our heart until we meet again. We drew a lot from your wisdom and wealth of experience. It pains us to let go but we are comfortable by faith that you have just gone ahead of us. To the most beautiful place.

Our headteacher - Primary section as we remember him;

- a good friend to all

- kind and courteous

- a perfectionist

- a gentleman

His impeccable dress-code

His assiduous spiritual focus

The churches, schools and houses all bore the mark

of a man who had no space for mediocrity.

May God have mercy on his gentle soul.

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