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Water for us


Water is one of the biggest problem we are facing as a community ...And guess what our dearest salesforce came out to help us to overcome the lack of water by drilling for us a water borehole which supply water to the whole school and we are so greatfull..This work was comprise by group 5 members.


since last term there was shortage of water supply , but in our suprise when we came back from the august holiday the borehole was in process of construction .most of us did not have an experience of how long it would take to suppy water since most of us didnot know how long it would take to suppy water .we were dumpfounded to see the water been supplied in school after two days .ONLY to find out the borehole construction was sponsored by our dearest SALESFORCE members. we now find it easy to do our washing in time and go to class in time .The students are enjoying the water in plenty some even making jokes that we should have a swimming pool .on behalf of everything that you have done for us .The water suppy has really helped us .we are happy as larks to finally have gotten the adequate water suppy.

The school is so grateful...The group members include,Stacy seleina ,mercy angel,Nyamboke,Hope maria and Brenda,

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