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ALU project for young women empowerment.

"We trust that this visit is a humble beginning of a huge blessing in disguise," says one of the applicants (Modesta)

The aroma of excitement and tension has settled leaving behind mild quenosity of who won.

but memories of the recent visit by the Milanos and ALU to St Martins secondary school in Kenya Nairobi constituency will forever linger in the students' minds.

The excitement of the applicants too remains. The visit, has given the community a ray of hope for the slum school sitting on an eight-acre land, donated by the slum elders.

Before the visit, no applicant had ever had about the Milano's and ALU scholarship programme that is seeking to help orphaned and vulnerable students with leadership traits; to drink from the well of knowledge that their able counter-parts have drunk from. Needless to say that this was indeed GOOD NEWS for the applicants.

The two partners" visit on 12th of February was out to carry out one on one interview, with the academic top-bras of 2018 class. The viable candidates were to be selected. The excersise lasted 3 hours during which they interacted with the students, engaging them in group dynamic activities.

The school's journalism club joined the group after some time, to have a recap of their encounter. The applicants' image and understanding of this scholarship is varied .

"I realised that the scholarship is out to improve the quality of future leaders in Africa by availing: a) quality and

b) relevant education

It is therefore seeking additional sources of funding to expand its kitty. Consequently the girl child growing the basket to fund more of us is what is causing high level of surviving." said Hildah an intuitive applicant who turned up to try her luck but didn't make it to the finals.

Abigail Sifa,17, also an applicant for the scholarship in question , recalls that although she really desires to be piked , quality leader material is inevitable.ALU is set to create, grow and nurture the African youth holistically towards this unique degree programme. Thus for her its not so much a question of having less funds but of selecting the best.

Diana ,one of the finalists that this scholarships means everything to her. The invitation to participate in the interview had brought a lot of hope in her life.I desperately went to pull myself into my continent Africa unfortunately, I did not realise that the interview had began the moment I entered this room. I could have been much more alert.

Maryanne looked rather taken aback. On interviewing her, she said;"I really wanted to be short listed for this scholarship. I had told told myself that if its got to be, it's got to be me. However, we loosers were helped to understand that even in failure there are value adding lessons to be learnt. I am leaving here feeling help though loaded with lessons.You see, I am the only hope of my family; many believe in me and I did not want to let them down.

Below excited applicants going through the team work activities, during an interactive session at their former school, with the representatives of the Milanos and ALU group.

Sr. Damiana, the school principal is optimistic,"these exercise for the scholarship sessions will influence positive changes at the school and within the wntire applicants mind

Other candidates left the school sad but all were grateful for the opportunity . The nominees went home eagerly waiting for the results .

We as the journalism group were exhausted as we ran up and down taking interviews with the students and getting shoots of the day but it was worthwhile and fun.

We would like to appreciate Kelly and Miguel for the support they have shown the journalism club and also for the funds that enabled us to purchase a camera which has helped us share our story and enabled us to incorporate our culture and share it with you .

This is the team that has been mentioned by Esther and professionally trained on-line .

Thank you Esther for caring and being patient big sister-God bless and reward you . In the future we hope for more events held by Salesforce partners in order to capture the moment and share . We thank you for inspiring girls in Africa and letting their voices be heard . We love you and thank you .

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