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Greetings from St Martins school and the community in Kibagare

We are grateful for the progress we have made, thanks to your continued support. The daily and Saturday feeding programs have been successful up to the time we closed school on March 28th,2024. Schools closed on the 28th of March for a short three-week break which was extended by another week due heavy rains and the flooding in April.

The school has continued to feed the 765 children with breakfast and Lunch during the school days and the Saturday feeding program. In February and March, a total of 6,549 meals were served to the children from Kibagare and the surrounding slums. This guaranteed access to meals helps reduce the number of children who miss out on food while at home.

We resumed school and classes on the 13th of May. Most of our students are back and we are optimistic that they will have a good term. The school feeding and the Saturday feeding programs will continue and we will share updates from time to time.

The heavy rains and flooding in the last few weeks have had a devastating effect on the food situation in the country. April - June is a planting season here in Kenya and many small-scale farmers had prepared their farms for planting. Unfortunately, the much-awaited harvest may not happen because the rains have damaged the farms and crops. In some parts, people have been displaced from their homes. This will negatively impact our food situation considering the drought we faced in the last four years.

With this in mind, we foresee a food crisis for our community here and we might experience a high cost of feeding as the year progresses. Plans are underway to start stocking food early rather than wait.

Despite the unforeseen challenges we remain optimistic we will have a good term we will achieve our set objectives. Donate to our Feeding Program

Always grateful for the continued support - Alfred


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